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January 25, 2024

'O brave new world' The Tempest, act V, scene 1

The team has been busy overhauling the printed patterns in The Tudor Tailor range to improve the design, instructions and pattern sheets.

Bodkins Thimbles and Dress Hooks

December 4, 2023

‘Bid your friends welcome, show a merry cheer’ - Merchant of Venice, act III, scene 2

The Tudor Tailor’s silver thimbles are based on an original example dated between 1580 and 1650 found at Acton Court in South Gloucestershire in the 1980s.

Farthingale sleeve kit

November 23, 2023

‘I know the young gentlewoman; she has good gifts’ - Merry Wives of Windsor, Act I, scene 1

The much-anticipated Farthingale Sleeves Kit is now available to buy in The Tudor Tailor’s online shop. The kit contains everything necessary to make a pair of farthingale sleeves.

Ruff kit contents

November 1, 2023

‘You and your crafts! You have crafted fair!’ - Coriolanus, act IV, scene 6

The Tudor Tailor is ready for the Christmas rush with exciting new kits to help with the reconstruction of those fiddly, fancy and fantastic bits and pieces that make all the difference to your festive Tudor look.

Three ruffs

September 27, 2023

‘… my love was crafty love’ - King John, act IV scene 1

Michaelmas at the end of September was a traditional quarter day in the Tudor calendar. It was when rents were paid and people were given their wages. It was a good time to plan food for the winter and Christmas expenditure.

Melanie putting on Farthingale sleeve

August 29, 2023

‘Look upon that sleeve; behold it well’ - Troilus & Cressida, act V, scene 2

Jane and Ninya are pleased to announce that thanks to the interest and excitement over their discovery of an original 16th century farthingale sleeve, The Tudor Tailor will soon have kits for making them available.

Mackenzie pinking sleeve

July 27, 2023

‘A trunk sleeve ... curiously cut’ - Taming of the Shrew, act IV, scene 3

The Tudor Tailor’s recent ‘forensic’ investigation of the farthingale sleeve and its silk oversleeve has provided fascinating new information about their construction.

Hanna Zimmerman (centre) with ‘The Tudor Child’ author Jane Huggett (left) and Ninya (right) discussing textile finds in ‘Textiel in Context’

June 29, 2023

"You must translate; 'tis fit we understand" - Hamlet, act IV, scene 1

Translating Groningen's textile treasures The Tudor Tailor online shop now has its very last 15 copies of the late Hanna Zimmerman’s book Textiel in Context. It reports the discoveries made when the city of Groningen

Jane and Ninya launched the new patterns for men’s jerkins and women’s smocks at the recent Artisans and Reenactors Market

March 23, 2023

'Behold this pattern' ... Richard III, act 1, scene 2

The Tudor Tailor team has been hard at work producing new sewing patterns to make it easier to reconstruct two typical 16th century garments: men’s jerkins and women’s smocks. The patterns showcase the new,

Dr Kathy Davies, wall painting expert: readers of 'The Typical Tudor' will recognise some of the figures

February 23, 2023

Better than 'fly-bitten' tapestries: the story of the prodigal - Henry IV, part 2, act 2, scene 1

Dr Kathy Davies was scheduled to speak at the Missing Persons conference in October 2022 but she unfortunately caught Covid and couldn't come to the courtroom to give her witness statement. The Tudor Tailor has

December 8, 2022

The Typical Tudor: Reconstructing Everyday 16th Century Dress

The Typical Tudor is now available to buy online in The Tudor Tailor’s Etsy store at £58 plus P&P. The good news is that readers in the UK and US still have a chance to

Ninya (left) and Jane (right) enjoying the splendid gardens at Holme Pierrepont Hall

August 21, 2022

‘I entreat you ... rest here in our court some little time’ - Hamlet, act 2, scene 2

Jane and Ninya met last week to work on details for the courtroom drama and gala evening in Nottingham on Sunday 23 October 2022. The big news is that for any would-be attendees who are