Opportunities to volunteer with The Tudor Tailor

The Tudor Tailor is currently unable to offer work experience or internships.

Intern reports

Emily Melling

Emily began a placement with The Tudor Tailor during her year out after graduating from the University of Southampton with a BA in History. 

The focus of Emily’s work with The Tudor Tailor was to assist with summarising the statistical analysis of the large volume of data extracted from research database, creating material which could be included in The Typical Tudor and future publications. Emily wanted to familiarise herself with quantitative methods and gain some experience of handling large quantities of data.

Emilie Wilkinson

Emilie has had two placements with The Tudor Tailor. The first she spent in Ninya's studio, helping to create some of the many layers of her Catherine Parr recreation. The second ran alongside her final year at university and involved a recreation project of her own, making one of the outfits described in c16th clothing accounts.

Glynis Hughs

Glynis studied a degree in Historic and Performance Costume at Yorkshire Coast College in Scarborough. Her internship with The Tudor Tailor saw her involved in a project that required the examination of an early set of woodcuts of London Cryes to ascertain their usefulness as a costume reference.

Bronya Arciszewska

Bronya began a research project and editorial internship with The Tudor Tailor soon after completing a history degree at Oxford University. She wrote her thesis on the subject of Elizabethan sumptuary law and the internship provided a valuable opportunity to expand on her research.

Kendra Keller

Kendra is a costuming and history enthusiast, as well as a fan of the Tudor era in general and of William Shakespeare in particular. A longtime admirer of The Tudor Tailor's work, she sought out a work placement after completing a costuming course in York. During her internship, Kendra prepared previously worn garments for sale, as well as establishing The Tudor Tailor's online shop, which she continues to manage.