A work in progress

The Stuart Tailor

The Stuart Tailor: Reconstructing seventeenth century dress is a publication coming soon from the team behind The Tudor Tailor: Reconstructing sixteenth century dress, which was published in 2006.

The book is co-authored by Pat Poppy and features the winning combination of sound research into the social history of dress and practical resources for recreating it for which The Tudor Tailor team has become known.

It is beautifully illustrated with carefully selected contemporary images, followed by meticulous instructions for reconstructing the clothes of the period complete with patterns and explanatory sewing techniques.

Jane Malcolm-Davies and Ninya Mikhaila always planned to move forward into the next century. They originally envisaged doing this immediately after The Tudor Tailor’s debut ten years ago. However, the interest generated by the book, paired with Ninya and Jane's passion for discovering more and improving on the information they present made leaving the sixteenth century a struggle.

The success of previous Tudor Tailor publications lies in collaboration with others who are highly knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their specialisms. Caroline Johnson has proved an excellent co-author for men and women’s dress in the early Tudor era as has Jane Huggett for children’s clothing, which took the first step into the 17th century with The Tudor Child: Clothing & Culture 1485 to 1626.

Pat Poppy fit this profile – she has a masters qualification in early modern history, a successful career as a librarian, and several papers in peer-reviewed journals such as Costume, the journal of The Costume Society. She has been an active member of the English Civil War Society for more than 40 years. Pat writes a blog called Costume Historian, which is a treasure trove of fascinating information on aspects of seventeenth century dress.

The Stuart Tailor is a work in progress without a scheduled publication date (yet). Please contact the team to say what you hope this book will provide, why it will be useful to you, and to make any other suggestions or provide feedback which will help the team shape the book.

Research is already underway for our next book - look out for future updates here and on Facebook.